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It’s the period a-year once again – Gay Pride Period! With the weather starting to warm up and summer coming. It’s a great time of the year to leave and commemorate who you are with many incredible pals! I’m sure for myself personally i enjoy planning to pride event and just communicating with random individuals. I have satisfied some amazing life-long pals in that way. This is actually the first couple of days of occasions going on in Summer. Get a hold of an event close by!


May 27 – Summer 5 Pride Winnipeg, Canada

May 31-June 5 – Summer Orlando: Ebony Pride, Orlando, FL

May 31-June 5 – Buffalo Pride Fest,

Buffalo, NY

May 31-June 6 Orlando: Disney Gay Days, Orlando, FL

June 3 – MetroBall, Dallas, TX

June 3-5 – Orlando Magical Weekend, Orlando, FL

Summer 3-5 – Utah Pride, Salt Lake City, UT

June 3-12 – Boston Pride, Boston, MA

Summer 3-12  â€“ Edmonton, Canada Pride

June 3-12 – Pittsburgh Pride, www craigslist com pittsburgh pa

June 4 – Albany Dark & Latino Pride, Albany, NY

Summer 4 –  El Paso Pride, El Paso, TX

June 4 – Ferndale Pride, Ferndale, MI

June 4 – Kansas Diversity Coalition, Kansas City, KS

June 4 – Sacramento, Ca Pride, Sacramento, CA

June 4-12 – Main Alabama Pride, Birmingham, AL

June 5 – Conway Pride,

Conway, AK

Summer 5 – East Central Minnesota Pride, Pine City, MN

June 5 – Hudson Valley Pride, Kingston, NY

Summer 5 – Jersey Pride, Asbury Park, NJ

June 5 – Queens LGBT Pride,  Queens, NY

June 5 – Santa Cruz Pride, Santa Cruz, CA

Toronto, Canada – July 3, 2011: Toronto Gay Pride Parade individuals in pull taking walks along Bloor Street with cheering crowds of people each side


June 7-18 – Thunder Bay Pride, Ontario, Canada

June 10-11 – Kalamazoo Pride,  Kalamazoo, MI

Summer 10-12 – la Pride – WeHo,  L. A., CA

Summer 10-12 – Milwaukee Pride, Milwaukee, WI

June 11 –

Albany, NY

Summer 11 – Brooklyn Pride

June 11 – Baton Rouge Pride

June 11 – Indy Pridefest

June 11 – Longer Isle Pride, Huntington, NY

Summer 11 – Spokane Pride Outspokane, Spokane, WA

June 11 – Wyoming Equivalence

June 11-12 Detroit Motor City Pride, Detroit, MI

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